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Our Approach

At ABEO IT Solutions we utilise a structured and proven approach to deliver technology solutions.

Derived from industry standards, best practice and our experience, we have developed a set of processes and standards that allow us to deliver technology with reduced risk and cost whilst ensuring you receive the right solution.

Our approach can be simplified into four phases as illustrated below.

flow chart
  • Assess both Business and IT systems
  • Define customer Objectives, Requirements and Constraints
  • Create solution options highlighting costs and benefits
  • Design the chosen solution
  • Create a detailed plan and costs for delivering the solution
  • Create a test plan
  • Assemble, configure and test the solution
  • Document the solution’s configuration and operation
  • Commission the solution
  • Enable proactive monitoring and maintenance controls
  • Enable support requirements

In addition to the approach shown above, we have created a Technology Design Framework that we apply to all our design activities. This framework provides design principles for all IT components that support a typical business. Applying these principles and standards in the design process ensures that every solution we deliver is designed and built correctly and is operationally fit for purpose.