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Remote Working

Extending the network beyond the office, whilst ensuring optimal network security, is one of our core skills.

With Abeo IT Solution's help, your team could be working effectively and productively, regardless of their location. Whether they require access to voice services, e-mail, their office desktop or your company extranet, we can design solutions that are cost effective, secure and reliable.

At With Abeo IT Solution, we deliver most of the leading remote working solutions available. By linking the right devices to well proven systems, we deliver a high quality "in-office" experience for those who are out of the office for large parts of their working day. By connecting mobile employees to valuable data and applications, our solutions improve their productivity and effectiveness across the entire working day.

Our remote access solutions provide a very rapid return on investment and as such are a very attractive proposition for businesses. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves work/life balance for employees
  • Provides flexibility to work when and where you choose
  • Helps improve your businesses environmental credentials
  • Ultimately will allow your business to become more profitable

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