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VoIP Telephony

Abeo IT Solutions can provide you with the latest business phone systems that will reduce your costs.

The latest business phone systems support VoIP telephony which offers a number of benefits over traditional phone systems. VoIP solutions are inherently flexible and scalable, translating into opportunities for significant operational benefits and efficiencies - as well as potential cost-savings in the long term.

As VoIP calls are in effect data, many systems facilitate integration with other applications, as well as allowing organisations to benefit from intelligent functionality. For example, VoIP systems can incorporate sophisticated call routing, call handling and reporting functionality. And as VoIP data can be integrated with other data sources, relevant information (such as customer records) can be made instantly available to those on a given call.

VoIP enables truly seamless remote working for organisations working across multiple locations, or for those seeking to support home working initiatives. In terms of implementation, as VoIP works over the data network, infrastructure can be simplified, as separate cabling is not required.

Abeo IT Solutions can advise your business on all such possibilities, ensuring that you select the solution that is right for you.

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